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ETMU Conference

Registration to the 15th ETMU Conference – 15-16th November 2018

Deadline for registrations and payments: 15th October 2018

If you would like to become a member please register through this link:


To find out more about ETMU membership: https://etmu.fi/en/membership/


Conference fee

-  40 euros for students (MA, Phd)

-  55 euros for ETMU members

-  90 euros for all others


Conference dinner (additional fee)

Please note that the dinner fee will be non-refundable after the registration period ends on 15.10.2018.

-  50 euros (Vegetarian)

-  60 euros (Non vegetarian)

-  No conference dinner



Optional registration to the Pre-Conference doctoral workshop (http://blogs2.abo.fi/etmublog2018/2018/09/17/pre-conference-workshop-quirks-of-academic-publishing-a-workshop-for-phd-students/ )

Please write a very brief summary (e.g. with bullet points) of the challenges you have faced with academic publishing and send them by 7th of November to Tuomas Äystö (tjayst@utu.fi). The discussion in the workshop will be based on the short papers we have received by then.

Contact etmu2018@gmail.com for questions.

ETMU Conference

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